Awards and Honors

APRIL 2018
4-Way Award Recipient for Non-Profit
Doylestown Rotary Club
Honoring Sharon Fleck, President, Roxy™ Therapy Dogs

APRIL 2018
Charity Category Finalist
Bucks Happening List


JUNE 2016
Bucks County Commissioners
The Commissioners proclaimed June 1, 2016 as “ROXY’S COMFORT DOGS DAY”  

JUNE 2015
Community Recognition Award
Village Improvement Association

MAY 2015
Certificate of Recognition
Central Bucks School District
“For enhancing and supporting a positive, caring learning environment in Central Bucks Elementary Schools.” 

Partnership in Youth Services
Foundations Community Partnerships
“For making a difference in the lives of local children and in celebration of improving the lives of others and commitment to creating a positive change in the world.” Award included a $3,000 grant. 

Top Dog Award
Doylestown Township Parks & Recreation Department
“For recognizing the spirit of service in human and canine volunteers!”

JUNE 2011
Great Grizzly Award
Groveland Elementary School
“For your dedication to our students and our reading and support programs. Thank you for the amazing impact Roxy Reading volunteers have made on our children!”

MAY 2011
Doyle Day Bucket Volunteer Award
Doyle Elementary School
“For filling our school and our students’ buckets with kindness and happiness!”

MAY 2010
Doyle Dedicated Trailblazer Award
Bridge Valley Elementary School
“For collaborating with our school and giving our students such joy. You are a true asset to our Bridge Valley community.”

MAY 2010
Four Way Test Award
Doylestown Rotary Club
“For service above self; demonstrating excellence in the four way test of the things we think, say and do.”

Award of Commendation
PA Federation of Dog Clubs, Inc.

JUNE 2006
Good Listener Award
Gayman Elementary School Learning Support Team


MAY 2015 Roxy receives a Certificate of Recognition from the Central Bucks School District.

MAY 2015 Roxy receives a Certificate of Recognition from the Central Bucks School District.


With Love from Friends of Roxy

“The Roxy Therapy program has greatly impacted the students of the Unami MDS class. The students are ecstatic to see "our" dog Nike come in every Monday. The students utilize their occupational therapy skills, physical therapy skills, and speech therapy skills during our time with Nike. This cross curriculum practice is crucial for the students. For most of the students this is the only weekly interaction they get with any type of animal. So they enjoy every moment Nike is in our room. Nike has become a part of our class and surely a part of the students' lives.”
—Chad Watters, Principal, Unami Middle School

“For many children, reading out loud is scary. I’ve seen so many kids take this leap while reading to their trusted four-legged companion. It’s a privilege to witness this milestone.”

“Dogs are cute and I like them, and I enjoy reading to animals more than reading to humans because he is calm and he listens.”
— Allie

"The most powerful impact Roxy™ Therapy Dogs has had has been in our overall classroom environment. Kids are more excited than ever to come in to school and count down the days until 'our dog' comes in. Thank you, Roxy, for being such an important and beneficial part of our classroom!”
— Alexandra Zucchero, First Grade Elementary Teacher, Kutz Elementary

Mrs. Hofmann's class tells us the top 10 reasons why Bud is the BEST therapy dog!

"Your volunteers have hearts of gold."
— Gretchen Duffy, Certified Child Life Specialist, Pedia Manor

“My favorite memory with our Roxy dog was when he laid down on me and looked in my eyes while I was reading. I feel like Brogan is my friend, and it seems that he feels the same way back."
— Sixth Grade Student, Warwick Elementary

"The Roxy Therapy Dogs reading program has been an amazing influence on all readers that have passed through my classroom throughout the years. It has been a true gift to my students, allowing them a safe place to stretch their skills, make mistakes, and experiment with various genres of text."
— Eve Packel, Special Education, Pine Run Elementary

"My son loves when Roxy the therapy dog visits his school. He has autism and it's great therapy for him. He is afraid of dogs and I was worried that Roxy might upset him. However, last week the teacher said he went up to Roxy for the first time and petted her. I was thrilled!! I love that the school has this program in place for children with autism."
— Sheila

"Our classroom is a community and to have a dog (and handler) as volunteers become a part of this community enriches the lives of all involved. The program has been nothing but a positive experience for all involved and we look forward to continuing it in the future!”
— John Isaacsohn, Sixth Grade Elementary Teacher, Gayman Elementary

“CB West is thrilled to partner with Roxy Therapy Dogs to provide support for our high school students. After just one session, the students reported feeling calmer, happier, and in a better mood to face the challenges in their day."
— Lisa V. Corr, Coordinator of Guidance Services, Counselor, Class of 2017 (L-Z), Central Bucks High School West

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