Make Special Connections

One of the most exciting developments over the past year is the opportunity to support more Student Specialized Support classrooms and children. The program started in the elementary schools years ago and has grown to include two high schools. Approximately 30% of the classrooms Roxy teams now visit are specialized classes including children with multiple disabilities, autistic support, learning support, life skills, and emotional support.

We are 100% reliant on tax deductible donations from community members like you. From team training and recruitment materials to insurance and office supplies, economic demands are a very real part of our existence. Your-tax deductible donation will help us reach every child in our community who needs the comfort of a Roxy™ therapy dog.  


You Can Help Make School a Special Place for Children to Learn and Grow 

Students quickly become comfortable interacting with dogs and are often able and willing to communicate their thoughts and feelings to both teachers and parents after their visits.

With your continued support, more teachers will see first-hand the difference a visit from a canine friend makes in their students’ lives.

Not only does Marshall (the class’ Roxy dog) provide some amazing sensory experiences for our students, he’s also increased our student’s confidence by being a wonderful reading partner for them! Marshall has been an absolute amazing addition to our program!
— Corey Thompson, CB East High School

Roxy would like to extend a very special Thank You to Antheil Maslow & MacMinn, LLP for their generous sponsorship of the printing of its annual appeal. 


Roxy Dogs Make Connections

Roxy therapy dogs make special connections every day. Watch our video to see them in action and to feel the impact they have on our children.


Your Support Helps Roxy Recruit More Teams

All Roxy dogs are part of a certified pet therapy team with their handlers.  Donations from supporters like you allow for the recruitment of more teams to fulfill the important need for therapy dogs to visit students that truly benefit in immeasurable ways on a continuing basis. Many teachers and therapy dog teams have experienced first-hand the difference therapy dogs make for students in non-mainstream classes.