Honor! Thank! Applaud!

Honor a Teacher, Thank a Roxy Dog, or Applaud a Student With a Tribute Donation to Roxy Therapy Dogs

Students. Teachers. Therapy Dogs. Parents. 

These are the foundations of the Roxy™ Therapy Dogs program and the cornerstones of the Elementary School Reading Inspiration program (formerly Literacy For All) and the Student Specialized Support program in the Central Bucks School District (CBSD).   

The Reading Inspiration program in the CBSD has remained our largest and fastest growing!  We continue to grow thanks to all of our donors and supporters, like you. Your support will help continue the Roxy tradition and allow future children to experience the comfort and joy that your children have experienced with their Roxy dog.  

  • Honor a teacher who has made a difference in your child’s life.

  • Thank the Roxy™ therapy dog who visited your child's classroom.

  • Applaud a student who has improved their literacy skills this year.

The dogs, students and teachers look forward to the Roxy visits. Many remember their Roxy dogs long after they have moved on from elementary school. These Roxy memories would not be possible without the support and assistance from our generous donors.

See Who Our Generous Supporters Honor, Thank and Applaud  

Thank you Mrs. Morgan and Juma for another great year!
— Love, Mrs. McGovern's Class
We would like to thank Mr. Wargo and Atticus for taking time to read with our classes!
— Miss Zeoli and Mrs. Sorenson
Josh Isaacsohn is a great teacher at Gayman Elementary who has supported our Roxy program so much!!
— Phyllis Mikolaj


Thank you for supporting Elementary School Reading Inspiration with Roxy Therapy Dogs! Your donation helps recruitment of new Roxy Teams to meet the growing demand for therapy dogs in the Central Bucks School District, and guarantees future generations of children will receive comfort and support along their journeys to literacy. Your donation is tax deductible.