An Extra Special ‘Heart Hug’ from Finn At Doylestown Hospital



Cheryl Luginbuhl has a heartwarming story about an interaction between her dog Finn and a clergyman she met outside of Doylestown hospital. Cheryl describes how she was walking Finn outside in preparation for her shift at the hospital when they encountered a clergyman exiting the hospital. Cheryl describes how she could just tell, just by the look on his face, that he was obviously undergoing something very difficult.

When Cheryl and Finn greeted him, the clergyman asked if he could have a moment with Finn. Cheryl describes how Finn, normally very rambunctious, instinctively placed his face in the man’s lap and stared up into his eyes. She describes this as Finn’s “soul scan.” She then describes how Finn instinctively knew to press his head against the man’s chest, to which the man responded by embracing Finn and hung his head, falling into what Cheryl calls Finn’s “heart hug.”

Finn and the man stayed in that position for what seemed like a very long time. Cheryl, knowing she was witnessing a private moment between the two, backed away and allowed them to sit undisturbed. When the man stood up, he thanked Finn and turned to Cheryl to say “You will never know what that meant. Thank you all for all that you do…”

This story perfectly portrays the very heart of the dogs, volunteers, supporters and the organization’s mission.