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Spring is almost here! We are excited to launch our new revised newsletter to bring news and updates to our amazing volunteers, generous donors and Bucks County community. Each newsletter will include stories from our Literacy program, Hospital program and Court program, as well as upcoming events, birthdays, and a Mission Moment, one of many of our success stories.

We welcome your feedback as well as any Roxy Reading Therapy Dog stories you or your child would like to share with us. Please contact Pat Morrison at pat@roxytherapydogs.org.

Mission Moment...from a New Therapy Dog Team

Maddi and Bud

Maddi and Bud

“I remember when Roxy Dogs, Claire, Maggie and Grace joined us in my first grade class. Not only was it fun to have them in class but the whole school became less stressful,” said Maddi, now a pert fourteen-year-old. “Then my mom and our greyhound, Bud, got certified and started coming to our classes. All the way through second, third and fourth grades, I could watch Bud help kids.” The effect that Bud and the earlier trio of Roxy Dogs had made a strong impression on Maddi – she became a certified therapy dog handler in her own right.

Although her time is limited by her own class schedule, Maddi has already gotten some experience working with Bud, the family therapy dog, to calm children through the Court Program. “I can’t wait to have my own therapy dog,” she says smiling, “a Great Dane!”

Double the Love - a story from our Literacy for All Program

Holly at Buckingham Elementary

Holly at Buckingham Elementary

Some of our volunteers have not just one, but two therapy dogs making a big difference! Nancy Schaetzke and her two Labrador Retrievers, Holly and Dudley, are just such a team. Nancy and Holly began by offering comfort and support through the Courthouse Program in 2016. Now Dudley goes to Cold Spring Elementary School once a week. Mrs. Pickett’s 5th grade class is really improving their reading, thanks to Dudley’s encouragement. Dudley’s humorous side makes it fun for all.

Holly, also a part of the Roxy Reading Program, constantly amazes the first graders in Mrs. Fillette’s class at Buckingham Elementary with new tricks. Holly loves having the kids read to her and, with Holly listening, the kids are enjoying their reading time.

Dogs Really Can Connect with Children - a story from our Comfort Program



Scooter is a tiny Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who especially loves to snuggle with Doylestown Hospital young patients. One child had to make room for Scooter between many stuffed animals who were bigger than Scooter. It looked like the scene from the movie where ET hides in plain sight in the closet among all the toys!

Around the holidays, it’s fun for young patients to use a soft brush to comb Scooter and help put her into her Santa suit.

Many children come to Doylestown Hospital to visit family members. The therapy dogs can make those visits a little easier and more fun for the children. Children enjoy the unexpected experience of seeing a dog do tricks like a “high five,” “spinning,” or “scooting.” One young hospital visitor took time to show Scooter the make-up she chose for a family member in the Hospital’s gift store. Family members feel a little better when they see their child enjoying the company of a therapy dog.

Welcoming New Teams in the Court Program with NOVA

In December 2016, Roxy Reading and Network of Victim Assistance (NOVA) came together to help prepare volunteer teams to support children in court through the Minor Victims of Violent Crimes program. This program is a collaboration with the District Attorney’s Office and NOVA to provide support for children of all ages who are victims of abuse when they attend court proceedings.

The teams of dogs and handlers are assigned at the request of the District Attorney’s office and with permission from the family, to meet with the children and their NOVA advocate. This program has provided meaningful emotional support for children and their families, and it is no surprise that requests for these services has grown!

Five new volunteer teams and 2 teams wanting a refresher, joined members of NOVA staff to learn more about NOVA’s role, the criminal justice process, and best practices for supporting children. All of the teams already have been active participants in the Dependency Court program, and they come with great knowledge and experience working with children in the court setting. We are glad to welcome these teams and look forward to working with them to support children at a difficult time!



Helping Delaware Valley University Students

Roxy Reading Therapy Dogs has been contacted by a group of students at Delaware Valley University who are conducting a two week study on the effects of therapy dogs on college students with regard to both test taking results and physiological stress. They have two control groups set up and up to sixteen therapy dog teams may participate in the study to interact with the students for 30-60 minutes periods. The study begins on March 20th and ends March 31st.

Thank You!

A special Thank You to all of our generous donors who helped end our 2016 Fiscal Year with a bang with our first annual appeal.

We are deeply grateful for the support we receive from the Central Bucks School District, Doylestown Hospital and the Bucks County Courthouse.

As always, we want to give a special "hug" to our great volunteers and dogs who help the children & families in our community every day!

Upcoming Events

April 1, 11am-2pm Be Like Bud "Pawtograph" Signing PetValue, 464 N Main St, Doylestown

April 8, 12-3pm LuLaRoe, Simply Comfortable - Let's come together, shop and support Roxy Reading Therapy Dogs The Solana Doylestown, 1621 Easton Rd, Warrington

April 11 & 13 National Emergency Dispatchers Week Volunteer Teams will be visiting the 911 Dispatchers

April 23, 10am-6pm (pending confirmation with the University) Visit us on A-Day: An annual event for bringing the DVU campus and local communities together. Delaware Valley University

April 28, 6pm-7:30pm PAL Committee's Family Fun Night focusing on Reading in April. Neidig Elementary School, 201 N. Penrose Street, Quakertown

April 29, 10am-1pm Celebrate Healthy Kids Day: The Y's national initiative to improve the health and well-being of kids. Central Bucks Family YMCA, 2500 Lower State Rd, Doylestown

May 10 Volunteers: Sign up for free Eye Exams for Roxy Dogs. Dr. Shelby Reinstein, Doylestown Medical Animal Clinic

Roxy Teams: If you have not signed up yet for these exciting events and want to join in the fun, please sign up as soon as possible.


Say Happy Birthday to your favorite Roxy dogs next time you see them!


Shae 3/15

Nelly 3/18

Chloe 3/26

Zoe 3/30

Tank 3/31


Scruffy 4/1

Samantha 4/5

Bullet 4/10

Juma 4/19

Della 4/21

Gus 4/22

Grace 4/27

Athena 4/28


Bud 5/1

Scarlett 5/2

Finnegan 5/4

Bauer 5/5

Ivy 5/6

Tess 5/14

Claire 5/29

Maggie 5/30

Welcome Our New Therapy Teams!

Cecile Balizet's Jack has just started making visits to a classroom and he came on board with Roxy Reading Therapy Dogs this month!

Lois DiMarzio and Star just finished courthouse orientation in addition to visiting a classroom starting in January 2017.


Fetch a copy today!

Be Like Bud is a great book for children and dog lovers! Click here to find out more.


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