What We Do

Our Dogs Retrieve Hearts


Studies show that interaction with a dog, any dog, for just 15 minutes, can lower a person’s blood pressure by as much as 10%. For children who are struggling with fluency, fear, stress, pain, or anxiety, having access to a therapy dog, even briefly, can make all the difference in the world helping them become confident readers, calming their fears while testifying before a judge, speeding their recovery from an injury or illness, and even easing stress and anxiety for children coping with loss.

Roxy™ Therapy Dogs has five programs that bring the magic of therapy dogs to children in our community. The programs take place in a wide range of settings from elementary schools and healthcare facilities to high school classes and the courthouse. All of our programs were put in place at the request of the community and each one fills a specific need.

Roxy™ welcomes volunteers and donations at any time.