Benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy


If you’ve ever shared your home with a dog you love, then you know they have an amazing ability to affect your mood, in a very positive way.

The innate ability dogs possess that allows them to make humans feel a certain way and have an effect on our anatomy is not just conjecture. It’s grounded in scientific fact. The human/canine connection is very real.This article by UCLA Health gives an excellent overview of animal assisted research findings.

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Human-Dog Interactions Lead To:

Improved Reading Aloud in Children

According to
UCDavis School of Veterinary Medicine

Improved Reading Literacy in Children

According to
Tufts Institute for Human-Animal Interaction

Decreased Blood Pressure

According to

Improved Reading Skills in Children

According to
The Bark Dog Culture Magazine

Transformation of Children with Autism

According to
Journal of the Society for Psychological Anthropology

More Secure & Responsible Kids

According to
Harvard Medical School

Decreased Stress in Children

According to
University of Florida Study

Benefits for Families of Children Undergoing Cancer Treatment

According to
American Humane

Increased Oxytocin

According to
Science Magazine

Longer Life

According to
Time Magazine