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The impact of Roxy™ Therapy Dogs on my first-grade students has been astounding. They are motivated and excited to read each week. Even my most reluctant reader can’t wait to pick out his books to read to Anya. The program has also helped their fluency and expression because of the repeated readings they do together.
— Alexandra Zucchero, First Grade Teacher, Kutz Elementary

Program Description


Our flagship program, Elementary School Reading Inspiration (formerly Literacy for All), utilizes the calming effects of a therapy dog to help young students become confident readers. Students who struggle with fluency, or who are uncomfortable reading aloud in front of their peers gain much- needed confidence with a non-judgmental canine friend by their side. The opportunity to practice reading aloud and develop this skill alongside a therapy dog is an invaluable tool and is the pathway to these students becoming confident life-long readers. 

This widely popular program began in 2005 with one certified therapy dog in one classroom in Central Bucks School District. Today our certified volunteer therapy dog teams visit over 130 classes, reaching over 3,000 students, each week in Central Bucks School District elementary schools in both mainstream and Learning Support classes.

Benefits to the Children

  • Children experience increased self-confidence

  • Children experience decreased anxiety

  • Children gain a friendly, non-judgmental ear to listen

  • Children enjoy reading more


Elementary Schools in the Central Bucks School District including: Barclay, Buckingham, Butler, Bridge Valley, Cold Spring, Doyle, Gayman, Groveland, Jamison, Kutz, Linden, Mill Creek, Pine Run, Titus and Warwick.


Phyllis Mikolaj, Director of Schools

Anya the Golden Retriever listens as the book My Pet Dinosaur is read to her by a student at Gayman Elementary School.


Central Bucks School District Teachers!

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