Our Dogs Relax Students 


The Guidance Department runs groups aimed at helping teens who are struggling with anxiety and stress management, emotional issues, bereavement, and other concerns. Bringing the Roxy™ Therapy Dogs into these sessions has had an immediate and positive impact. After just one session, students reported feeling calmer, happier, and in a better mood to face the challenges in their day.
— Lisa V. Corr, Coordinator of Guidance Services, Central Bucks High School West

Program Description


Students suffering from the loss of a parent or who struggle with stress, anxiety or depression are provided with much-needed support and compassion from our therapy dog teams in the Secondary School Stress Relief (formerly High School Student Support) program. This program began as a pilot program in December 2015 at the request of Central Bucks High School administrators has had tremendous impact.

Central Bucks students who participate in bereavement support groups not only report feeling confident and less anxious when sharing a painful experience, but also noticed that they are happier and in a better mood throughout the rest of their day and they attribute this to their interaction with a therapy dog.

Benefits to Children

The impact of our visits with students who are in Stress Management classes has been extremely profound. For these students, who need assistance coping with everyday life stressors, the opportunity to decompress and relax with a calm, gentle therapy dog is incredibly beneficial. These sessions allow students to remove themselves from all of their worries and just be in the moment, stress-free.


Central Bucks High School East, Central Bucks High School West, and Central Bucks High School South


Sharon Fleck, Director of Secondary School Stress Relief Program  

A high school student opens up about a life-changing loss when stroking a Roxy therapy dog.

With anxiety and depression on the rise, the Roxy™ team has given my high school students comfort and a chance to relax and connect to their devoted and caring canines. I cannot thank this program enough for dedicating their time to visiting our school.
— Christine Cochran. Health & Physical Education Teacher, Central Bucks High School East

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