Who We Are

Sharon Fleck, President, Roxy Therapy Dogs and her Roxy dog, Mo

Sharon Fleck, President, Roxy Therapy Dogs and her Roxy dog, Mo

From Our President

Research shows that magical things happen when a child interacts with a certified therapy dog. Anxiety level decreases, heartbeat slows, breathing becomes deeper and more relaxed, and fears are forgotten. When a child feels calm and secure, not only is learning possible, but physical and emotional healing are achieved.

Positively impacting thousands of children throughout our community, Roxy™ Therapy Dogs’ programs provide a unique, irreplaceable, dependable support system for children in a number of situations. These programs would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our certified pet therapy dog teams, and the support of our generous community.

Coming in all shapes, sizes, colors and breeds, Roxy Therapy Dogs are as diverse as they are unique. What they all have in common though, is their love of children, and their undeniable ability to comfort and connect with them.

Whether you are interested in volunteering, donating, or learning more about Roxy Therapy Dogs, our website is full of helpful information and meaningful photos. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of our Directors, listed below.

Volunteer Program Directors

Phyllis MikolajDirector of Schools 

Melissa D’Amato, Director of Courthouse Companionship Program

Joyce Rivas, Director of Roxy Pediatric Comfort Program at Doylestown Health 

Tracey Vazquez, Director of Roxy Pediatric Comfort Program at Pedia Manor

Sharon Fleck, Director of Secondary School Stress Relief Program  

Volunteer Administrators

Jill Fein, Director of Advancement

Jennifer Ashenfelter, Director of Marketing  

Catherine Refice, Director of Volunteers  

Maddi Fleck, Associate Director of Volunteers 


as of 4/11/19

Melissa Altman

Lisa Ament

Jennifer Ashenfelter

Cecile Balizet

Kendal Beck

Barbara Blasko

Sarah Brinson

Susan Bulsza

Steve Carver (Zak)

Franca Caserta

Lisa Corr

Denise Cronin

Roni Dager

Susie Danzis

Melissa D’Amato

Jeff Davis

Deborah Deeken

Jeanette DeRichemond

Colleen Dey

Deborah DiGirolamo

Lois DiMarzio

Judy Dinnerman

Sean Diver

Donna Doan

Stacy Donnelly

Tom Donnelly

Coline Ebeling

Diane Elliott

Cindy Everett

Jill Fein

Michael Flanagan

Maddi Fleck

Sharon Fleck

Cathy Flemming

Olivia Fortna

Linda Frederick

Sandra Frederick

Sandy Friter

Cindy Gillespie

Brenda Gouldey

Wesley Gouldey

Irene Hendrix

Rachel Holler

Anne Hoy

Mary Helen Hughes

Hollie B. John

Lisa Keidat

Katheen Kehan

Gretchen Knittel

Mary  LaValley

Donna Law

Sheila Lee

Ellen Levin

Joanne Loeffler

Mary Alice Loeffler

Cheryl Luginbuhl

Amanda Martin

Bob McCrillis

Linda McCrillis

Karen McGlynn

Phyllis Mikolaj

Christina Minsky

Diane Morgan

Jim Murray

Liza Fisher Norman

Stacee Paley

Lisa Pasterchik

Bob Peck

Robin Petkunas

Claire Quinlan

Catherine Refice

Rachel Reilly

Nancy Riva

Joyce Rivas

Amy Rose

Pat Rubenstein

Debbie Saffren

Marie Sankus

Nancy Schaetzke

Sharon Schermerhorn

Beverlie Seltzer

Jen Shelly

Maggie Sivak

Diane Smith

Judy Snyder

Joelle Solomon

Alice Sparks

Janet Stavrides

Maureen Sullivan-Bahr

Renee Tucker

Tracey Vazquez

Kerry Wargo

Jennifer Weeks

Russ Weiss

Karen Wells

Suzanne Zak (Carver)

Gina Zebley

Joanne Zuckerman

Mitch Zuckerman

Roxy History

Roxy Founder Diane Smith and the one and only, original Roxy therapy dog.

Roxy Founder Diane Smith and the one and only, original Roxy therapy dog.

Roxy Therapy Dogs’ formation was the result of witnessing the positive effects that therapy dogs have on Alzheimer’s patients. During a visit with her beloved grandmother, Roxy Therapy Dogs founder, Diane Smith, saw how a resident therapy dog was able to connect with her grandmother and bring her out of her shell and into the present in a way Diane had not seen in a very long time.

It was those special moments that inspired her to adopt Roxy, a gentle Boykin Spaniel, and to start training in 2004 as an emotional therapy dog team.

Roxy’s extreme love of children prompted her to offer therapy dog visits at her son’s elementary school in the Central Bucks School District in 2005, encouraging children with reading challenges to read aloud to her. We got our official name when their learning support students surprised Diane and Roxy with a banner proclaiming, “Reading Rocks with Roxy Reading!” And the rest, as they say, is history!


Board of Directors

Diane Smith
Community Member

Sharon Fleck
Community Member

Kendal Beck
Board Chair
Mental Health Professional for Family Based Services for Central Behavioral Health

Jennifer Shelly

Assistant Professor, Department of Animal Biotechnology and Conservation, Delaware Valley University

Denise Cronin
Community Member

Lisa Corr
Guidance Coordinator, Central Bucks High School West

Thomas Donnelly
Attorney, Antheil, Maslow and MacMinn, LLP

Jill Fein
Attorney, Hill Wallack

Rachel Holler
Director of Programs and Services, Bucks County Intermediate Unit

Cheryl Luginbuhl
Community Member

Liza Fisher Norman
Owner/Founder, InspirED School Marketers

Jennifer Weeks
Founder and President, InsideOut Insights

Russ Weis
Financial Planner, Marshall Financial Group


Susie Danzis
Certified Dog Trainer/Owner, Training Tails Dog Training

Sean Diver
Business Strategy Professional

Hollie B. John
Attorney, Jacobson & John, LLP

Stacee Paley
Clinical Psychotherapist, Owner, Stacee Paley and Associates Counseling