Meet Our Dogs

These Are The Dogs Who Retrieve Hearts

We have more than 70 certified teams (dog and owner/handler) who are part of Roxy™ Therapy Dogs, retrieving hearts and providing comfort and support in our various programs throughout Bucks County. If you'd like to become a Roxy Therapy team, visit our volunteer page. 

To see where the dogs serve, use the dropdown to sort by program. In addition to our fabulous five programs, some Roxy dogs represent the organization at local events, promoting the Roxy brand, educating the community about therapy dogs, and encouraging others to volunteer.

If you notice a lot of Golden Retrievers and Labs throughout our website, it's because they are the most represented breed of Roxy Therapy Dogs. We welcome all dogs, regardless of breed, size, or age (provided they are over 1 year old) to become certified Roxy Therapy Dogs.

NOTE: Dogs are listed in alpha order in three groups by their name. If you're looking for a dog in a certain program, look within the three alphabetical groups. Also, if you sort for a certain program and there are no results, it means that there are no dogs working for that particular program in that sort.

Roxy Dogs (A-F)

Roxy Dogs (G-P)

Roxy Dogs (Q-Z)


Retired Roxy™ Dogs

We thank these wonderful Roxy dogs for serving the organization for so long and so well.

Annie, Brittany Spaniel

April, Smooth Fox Terrier

Bailey, Chocolate Labrador

Bella, Yellow Labrador

Belle, Unknown

Berni, Multi-Poo

Billy, German Shepherd

Blazer, Golden Retriever

Brady, Mixed Breed

Brinley, Unknown

Bud, Greyhound

Caeli, German Shepherd

Callie, Golden Retriever

Calvin, Poodle

Candy, Mixed Breed

Carley, English Springer Spaniel

Casey, Golden Doodle

Cassius, Boxer

Champ, Yellow Labrador

Charlie, Golden Retriever

Cookie, Yellow Labrador

Cooper, Shih Tzu

Crissy, Golden Retriever

Della, Lab/Vizsla

Dixie, Yellow Labrador

Dudley, Yellow Lab

Grace, Löwchen

Gracie, Labrador Retriever

Gracie, Llasa/Poodle mix

Gracie, Jack Russell/Shih Tzu mix

Gus, Labrador Retriever

Gus, Labrador/Golden Retriever

Harley, Black Labrador

Hallie, Leonberger

Harry, Golden Retriever

Hope, Collie Mix

Irina, King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

Jackson, Standard Poodle

Jillian, Unknown

Kylie, Leonberger

Lexi, German Shepherd

Lola, Golden Retriever

Louis, Labradoodle

Lucy, Golden Doodle

Lucy, Unknown

Luke, Golden Retriever

Luna, Yellow Labrador

Maddie, Bernese Mountain Dog

Maggie, Golden Retriever

Maggie, Lowchen

Marge, Mixed Breed

Millie, Mixed Breed

Mimi, Chihuahua

Minnie, Shih Tzu

Mollie, Golden

Molly, Vizsla

Monet, Shih Tzu

Moose, Labrador Mix

Nellie, Unknown

Nellie, Black Labrador

Nellie, German Shepherd

Nora, Chesapeake Bay

Pansy, Black Labrador

Petra, Akita

Pippen, Unknown

Quincy, Mixed Breed

Ranger, Lab

Rex, Mini Dachshund

Ricky, King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

Riley, Golden Retriever

Riptide, Golden Retriever

Rollie, Cairn Terrier

Romeo, Goldendoodle

Root Beer, Cocker Spaniel Mix

Rory, Siberian Husky

Samantha, Australian Shepherd

Saphira, Shiba Inu

Sawyer, Bernese Mountain Dog

Scruffy, Mini Schnauzer

Shae, Goldendoodle

Shannon, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Shumba, Rhodesian Ridgeback

Sophie, Golden Retriever

Sovee, Samoyed

Star, Golden Retriever

Sully, Golden Retriever

Tacoma, Newfoundland

Teddy, Giant Schnauzer

Teddy, Labradoodle

Tess, Clumber Spaniel

Tigger, Pit Bull Mix

Timmy, Shih Tzu

Titan, Rotweiler Mix

Tugger, Labrador Retriever

Viggo, German Shepherd

Wags, Labrador Retriever Mix

Walker, Chihuahua

Willow, Yellow Labrador Retriever

Zeus, Yellow Labrador Retriever

Zoe, Vizsla

Zoe, West Highland Terrier